If the mind and soul space of the visionary aren’t elevating + evolving, neither will the business + life attached to it. A business can only go as far as the visionaries capabilities to lead it.

VISION BOSS - The workbook planner guide.

For those in the season of: "Getting the idea out of your head, getting started + getting your mind ready to begin the creative process."

Vision Boss is for the up and coming creative business owners, innovators and revolutionary thought leaders looking to develop their brand idea, and thrive in the visionary lifestyle as they do it.

There is a pivotal season right between daydreaming about your vision, and actually making real moves towards it. This book intuitively steps you through that exact season.

Maybe you just don’t know where to start. Maybe you want to elevate your visionary mindset in preparation. Maybe you’re still working through your doubts and worries. If so, Vision Boss is just for you.

The first half of it is a guidebook, and the second half is a workbook. I made it fluff and hype free so that it is as actionable as it is revealing.

You’ll be asked questions you might not even know to ask yourself, and it illuminates all the details that you may not even know to think about when it comes to making your business dream a reality.

By the end of this book you will have a deeper understanding of your possibility, your niche and how to articulate it. You will also have a clear set of what your next steps will be with a lot of the groundwork already laid out for you.

Email address - Ashley@SacredRebel.co