Interruption vs. Inspiration Marketing. How To Know The Difference.

Traditional marketing usually took a more forceful approach, which can come off out of touch, insincere and pressed.

When anyone senses insincerity, lameness or desperation, what happens? They shutdown. No interest, no exchange, no brand story to pass on.

Your marketing outreach should inspire, not forcefully interrupt. People are tired of being sold to and are over hidden agenda. They can sense it.

How can you adjust for that? Stop selling. Yup. Just stop. Transition from a "sellers" mindset to a "problem solver provider" mindset. It will change the energy and tone of your marketing approach instantly.

Instead literally position yourself to be there for people when they need what you provide. Get into their everyday life, but naturally and authentically. “Meet" people in the situations where they realize they need you so that it can inspire them to align with you, instead of interrupting their day when their mind isn't ready to receive what you do.

There are countless ways to do this. One small way to start is: know which action you want them to ultimately take and then put yourself in their perspective and figure out what it would take to naturally inspire THAT very action to come from WITHIN THEM. Really think about. “From within them” is the key.

 YOU have to put yourself in places where your people can discover you. It's YOUR responsible to prompt that discovery AND to think of multiple innovative ways to do it.

Don't be afraid to do something unexpected or unconventional. Like...have you ever gone to the bookstore, found the best selling books in your industry and stuck your business card/coupon/offer card/encouraging note in or between the books?

Why does this work? If someone is looking for or buys a book, it shows that they are ALREADY in study/discovery mode. It's a cool experience that you create for them to further discover a little extra resource that they didn't expect related to the industry they're already mentally aligning with.

It's a very targeted way to introduce yourself at the point when people would even think to need/want you...which shows a thoughtful understanding of anticipating people's needs in a creative way. This can be done with any industry and any topic and can go way beyond books.

*Hint* think of related products that compliment the interests or purchases made by your people.It's also a good exercise in understanding who your people REALLY are, not just stat demographics, but their rhythms, thoughts and worldview.