Why "Creative Quiet" is the Most Underrated Productivity Habit for Creative Business.

So, what is the exact thing you need to do for your business that you probably don't take the time to do? Schedule time to quiet your creative soul.

When visionaries may seem "quiet" from the world it's because they are usually creating, preparing and developing. They are doing what it takes behind the scenes. Those times are strategic and yet many creatives don't give themselves permission to fully be in them or intentionally protect that time. 

I know what you’re thinking - "wait….do you mean rest?? How? I have an empire to create and a full life to live woman! Only the weak rest, get out of here with that."

And, to that I say one thing. Exactly.

I want to explore something I've been studying and experiencing for awhile now. The concept of what I like to call "Rest Productivity". That rest in itself produces measurable progression.

Totally counterintuitive right? But stay with me on this. 


Now, if you are in a space of time where you feel peaceful about pushing and going hard, then go ahead mama and put in that work…*fist bump* You got it. Continue reading this and hold it in your spirit for when your soul is requesting some quiet time. 

This article is for:

1. The ones pressuring themselves and pushing on auto pilot mode without intentional strategy.

2. The ones doing it because you see everyone else doing it and you feel like it’s what you’re supposed to be doing.

3. The ones that feel burnt out, anxious, uncertain, and stretched thin.

4. The ones putting in a ton of work without seeing an ounce of measurable progression. For all the work you’re doing, you just feel stagnant. 

5. The ones that feel creative overwhelm or lack clarity concerning their direction, plan or approach. 

If you identify with any one of those then it’s time to take a few minutes and reevaluate your current creative needs. But, let’s breakdown a few thoughts surrounding the idea of quieting your creative soul first.


What quieting your creative soul does not look like:

1. Procrastinating or using “rest” as an excuse. 

2. Giving up or just outright quitting. 

3. Not doing the work you need to be doing if it’s your time to be doing it. ( You know when it’s time… )

What quieting your creative soul can look like:

1. Unplugging from social media.

2. Taking the noise out of your life so you can hear from God about direction.

3. Slowing down enough to take in and expose yourself to new inspirations.

4. Catching up on books you’ve been meaning to read.

5. Shutting out distractions to enjoy creating content uninterrupted. 

6. Taking time to streamline and re-evaluate all the elements of your vision  

7. Doing absolutely nothing business related for balance.

8. Doing absolutely nothing just because. 

9. Traveling or exploring someplace new. 

10. Creating available head space through prayer and meditation. 

Why creative business owners people fear taking time to do those things:

1. They are afraid people will forget about them or lose interest.

2. They don’t want to be perceived as not doing anything.

3. They don’t want to fall behind. 

How to overcome the above hesitations:

1. Remember, if they unfollow, unsubscribe or in anyway unstick themselves from your realm after a short space of time, they weren’t that interested or loyal to start with. Don’t give it two thoughts and trust the truth of quality over quantity when it comes to your tribe. Why stress over people who aren't that invested in you? Don't give them that much influence. 

2. Be honest with your tribe about where you are within your process. Sometimes just letting people know you might be quieter for a bit can help avoid the whole “soooooo, is she not doing this anymore?” thing.

3. I promise you that what will occur within the space of rest will catapult your vision further than pushing it straight into burnout ever could. 

What the benefits to quieting your creative soul are: 

1. Clarity. Sometimes taking a step back and letting all the inspirations, ideas, and projects breathe for a second uncovers a truth.

2. Direction. When you are quiet enough and intentional about hearing from God the lines of communication are opened and He can guide your next steps. After all He put this vision in you so you guys could develop it together. 

3. Renewed energy. Avoiding creative burnout ( and life burnout ) is a non-negotiable. It's just not a good place and it's a huge sign that you might be putting your energy towards things you're not supposed to be doing.

4. Peace. Nothing worse than feeling stressed, anxious, uncertain, pressured or stretched too thin. Enjoying your version of quiet time can counteract all of that. 

5. Balance. These times allow you to rediscover the things you’ve probably forgotten you enjoy or value during your creative tunnel vision times. Now you can reprioritize and incorporate those things back into your days.

How to know when to go into a quiet mode:

1. Learn to recognize your triggers and symptoms of burnout. Self care starts with being honest and aware of why certain moods, habits, or feelings are happening and what’s triggering them.

2. Learn to recognize your creative rhythms. You’ll start to notice a pattern of when creating flows and when it’s time to fill back up again so you can pour back out into your art. There is ebb and flow in creativity. Honoring it makes space for your best and most authentic work. 

How to practically incorporate quiet mode into your busy life:

1. Schedule it. It’s just as important as any meeting or deadline so schedule it the same way.

2. Value it. When you value something you make room for it. Scheduling rest into your creative rhythm is a wealth + business building strategy.

3. Streamline. Take stock of everything on your plate. You might have to make some tough decisions but you owe it to yourself, your family, the call on your life and your vision to only align with things that progress what’s priority. Not everything going on needs to be going on in your life. You have the choice and authority to make those decisions without guilt. 

4. Scale it. Some of you may need to incorporate 5 minutes of quiet into every day of you life. Some of you may go in for two weeks and then take 2 days of quiet. Some may have one day of every week that is set aside for quiet. Some may take a whole month out of the year. Whatever it is, you decide and have the power to make it look like what it needs to look like for you. 

If you take nothing else away from this I want you to absorb the fact that you can give yourself permission to rest when you're spirit is asking for it. You're no good to anyone or anything in this world if you don't take care of and protect the fullness of your own mind and being.

It's time we start glorifying rest the same we do busy. Be the example