What is SacredRebel GiveLove?

52 thoughtful simple love prompts that will uplift, inspire, comfort or encourage someone. It is an action that anyone can do for anyone.

Lets start being the bright spots in each others day. It’s not always about whether someone needs it or will use it; it’s about giving someone the experience of receiving something unexpected. 

It may seem simple and it may seem small, but only to you. When someone receives anything they didn’t expect from someone, it fills up something on the inside of them and will remain in their souls forever. Usually people are so filled up with love and appreciation they begin to look for others to pour out on and the flow of blessing others just floods the world…


Love Prompts:

Give water to construction workers

Buy a 24 pack of water and just head to the nearest construction site. They will appreciate the cool refreshment.

Say "hi" to everyone you make eye contact with all day.

It cost nothing and could mean everything to someone.

Tape a dollar to toys in the dollar store

The next little kid that wants it can just get it! What a fun surprise for them!

Leave an encouraging note in a book

Head to the bookstore or library and slip an encouraging note into one of the books. It can be your own words or a simply a quote/scripture you appreciate. What a surprise that will be when they are reading it.

Leave a box of diapers on the doorstop of a new parent

Diapers to new parents are a staple and can be expensive. Give a little relief to a new mama or papa.

Give a Sunshine box to someone battling cancer

Cancer is no fun, but you can add some cheer for someone who is going though treatment. Fill a box with bright colorful comfort items. *Magazines, socks, lotions, music, books, etc*

Give a Bright Spot box to someone elderly.

Older people can easily be forgotten and would love a little something special in their life. Fill a box or bag with goodies they would enjoy. *Chocolates, Music, Candles, Stationary, Photo Album, iPod with their era of music pre-loaded onto it, etc*

Give a Extra Help box to a college student.

We all know this phase on life needs some extra help and care. Surprise a college student you know with a box or bag of things they might need and not have the money to get. *Grocery gift card, snacks, music, toiletries, laundry detergent, etc*

Drop off a box of donuts or a veggie tray to your local EMT's

These people are literally angels, they care for us before the doctors can and are hope for anyone in a bad situation. Show them some love for what they do for us and the people we love.     

Leave a zip lock bag of quarters at a vending machine.

Imagine walking up and finding that! That would be the best snack ever.

Buy someone a coffee.

The next time you're out getting coffee, take care of the cup of the person behind you or in front of you. This simple act could change the outlook of their morning, and even the entire way they approach the rest of their day.  

Bring a treat to a doctor’s office.

They are always busy and there when we need them. Show them some love. Bring a yummy treat, like a box of bagels, coffee, donuts, or a veggie tray.

Leave a roll of quarters a laundrymat with a note to enjoy

Doing laundry isn't fun, doing it at a laundrymat is even less fun. Make it more enjoyable for someone.

Collect books and games for children that receive chemotherapy.

Kids who receive chemotherapy sit for HOURS. Imagine being that age and going through that. Books and toys will make it less scary and boring for them. Bring them to your local children's oncology wing at the hospital

Make some bulk frozen meals for a new mom & dad.

Give them more time to love on their new blessing. Give them meals that last long and freeze easily. Lasagna, wraps, soups, etc. would be perfect and highly appreciated!

Give Blood.

You can give the gift of life to someone. That's pretty awesome. 

Pay for the person behind you at the convenience store.

The next time you go to pay for the person's item/items behind you as well.

Let someone cut in line.

Wouldn't that surprise you? If someone HAPPILY let you cut in line AND THEN asked you how your day was going? 

Give a teacher a gift card to Michael's, Walmart, or Target.

Teachers spend a lot of their own money getting supplies for lessons, and making the classroom feel fun and welcoming for our kids. They will appreciate any amount towards the materials they would need. 

Leave the hotel maid a thank you note.

The next time you stay in a hotel, leave the maid a thank you note. One of the best parts of staying in a hotel is coming back to a clean room that you didn't clean. Imagine what they see or have to clean up everyday. Show them a little love!

Leave Flowers or Artwork in a hospital room for someone.

Draw something, take a picture, get some flowers, whatever you do best, then head over to the hospital. When you come across someone you feel would be uplifted by what you brought, give it to them or leave it in the room. It will cheer up the space!

Give Arcade Coins.

Head to a Chuckie Cheese or local arcade, buy some tokens and then give them to the kids playing games. It will be the highlight of their day! Parents will appreciate it too. Don't want people to think it's weird, just leave the cup at one of the games, the kids will know what to do, lol.

Give busy parents a break

Offer parents or a single mom/dad a few hours of you time to babysit so they can do on a date or get some errands done. You will instantly turn into gold in their eyes. 

Send a pizza to the local volunteer firefighter station.

They volunteer to save our life and run into danger. They are literally hero's and i'm sure they would enjoy a good pizza surprise.

Talk to someone that most people don’t talk to or that sometimes may be ignored. 

Feeling alone, or like an outcast is the worst feeling for anyone. Reach out and get to know them. All anyone really wants is love.

Collect stuffed animals for the children's wing at the hospital

A stuffed animal is like a shield of courage and comfort to most children. Give them that during a time that might be a little scary for them. 

Pay for the person behind you in the drive thru

Spice up a mundane thing and surprise the person behind you with a free meal.

Compliment or encourage a stranger

Make someone's day, you never know what they might be going through or thinking about. Your simple words can be exactly what they need to hear!

Appreciate the Postal worker

They fill up mailboxes all day, it would make their day to open one up that has something special for them. It could be a little written note, baked goods, or small gift card.

Chat up the wise and elderly.

The next time you see an older person by themselves go over and start a conversation. I think elderly people are so cool, they've been through everything we've been through just minus the technology. After all they were the ones that dressed with such amazing style before it was called "vintage". Many times elderly people are ignored, overlooked or discounted when they have some of the wisest thoughts and perspectives towards life. They've seen it all and have the hindsight we can't have.

Gift card a meal

Buy a 5$ gift card to somewhere you enjoy grabbing a quick meal (ice cream shop, Chipotle, Subway, Chick-Fil-A, Five Guys, etc) and then just give it to someone else to use. You will probably make their week. 

Bake someone something

Bake something and bring it into work for everyone, make some for your neighbor, drop some off at the volunteer fire department, stop by the hospital and leave some for the nurses, give some to your kids teacher... there is an unlimited amount of people that would love a tasty treat that was baked with love. 

Hug Someone

For some people this will be an easy way to love on someone, for others, not so much. Many people are not affectionate or don't display their love this way. But when you hug someone you don't know that may not be expecting it, the connection can be deeper and longer lasting than any words that could've been said. Think about days where a hug would've just made everything seem a little better in that moment. 

Encourage a child

When you see a child (that is not your own) doing something positive (behaving well in public, making something, helping out their mom/sibling, etc.) compliment them in what they are doing. Children need that extra affirmation. They are sponges of exploration and an ounce of encouragement can spark a desire to continue in their positivity. When children receive encouragement outside of their mother and father, there is a whole new type of seed planted not only in the child...but possibly the parents as well. 

Buy someone in line frozen yogurt the next time you go.

Frozen yogurt is already a sweet treat, make it even sweeter for someone.

Write a genuinely nice note and leave it for someone

You don't have to put your name on it, just write something meaningful and leave it for someone. You can leave it on their desk, their door, their car, wherever you like.

Donate school supplies

It can be just one item or whole backpack of items, it will make a difference for a child.
Remember how fun it was to shop and have new supplies? You can give that to

Write a thoughtful card for someone in the hospital.

Write a positive note or card and head to the hospital. When you come across someone you feel would be uplifted by your words. Give it to them. You have no idea the impact it will have. 

Buy a movie theater gift card for two tickets and give to a couple to enjoy

Going to see a movie in a theater is a luxury to some people, give them something they can use and have fun doing. 

Sit down and help a child in a subject that they need help with

All some people need is a little help in what you are good at. Share your knowledge and understanding. 

Bring blankets, bones, and toys to an animal shelter

Animals are loving and just want a home. For those who don't have one, all they need is the basics. Animal shelters don't receive a lot of funding or resources so what you give will really make a difference.

Just hand someone a flower

Just walk up and hand them a flower. Enjoy the smile and what follows. 

Leave a piece of candy on someone desk

Work is...work. Brighten it up with a treat!

Leave coupons and discount cards

We all get these, pass one on to someone else. You can leave it on their car window or tape it to their door, or just give it to them.  

Tell a neighbor with a pet that the next time they go out of town you will walk their dog for them

Having a pet is a responsibility and sometimes it becomes hard and expensive for a pet owner to leave town. Offer a quick dog walk while they are away will take a load off their mind. 

Ask someone if there is anything on their heart that you could pray for.

Pray is the most powerful thing in the world. Coming in agreement with someone for what is on their heart will change lives. 

Start a donation and collect coats

Collect jackets and coats throughout the year and donate them to a clothing drive or hand them out to those who need them on a cold night.

Start a donation and collect food

Gather up non-perishables and donate them to a local food bank or church food pantry. Ask local elementary school if there children on meal plans have enough for breaks and weekends. 

Care package for someone who is without a home

When you are homeless and without the basics, anything would be a miracle to receive. Make a box or bag of the basics and give it to someone who needs it.*toothbrush, toiletries, socks, soap, blankets, etc*

Nurture someone who has talents & gifts similar to yours

If you see someone who has a talent (photography, singing, sports) that needs to be nurtured in your area of expertise. Give them some time, tips, or resources. It could be the spark that helps someone follow their dreams!

Make a meal for those who are without food.

Make some brown bag lunches and hand them out to those who need a good meal. 

Help someone move

An extra pair of hands is priceless for anyone who is packing and moving. Offer your help and make the transition a fun and easier fun.

Tell the people you love why you love them.

For some it is easier to be nice and encourage everyone else but the people closest to you. Some of the most important and impactful words can go unsaid where they are needed the most. Mostly because we assume they already know. This week, pause for a moment and write down a few things you love about someone super close to you ( child, spouse, sibling, best friend,  grandparent, etc.)Genuinely let them know why you love them, what you admire about them, what strengths and talents you see in them, what you believe set's them apart...just speak complete positivity into their life. This gives them something tangible to read and keep that encourages and brings to light to areas they might not have even seen in themselves.